Climate Smart Agriculture

Aims to increase the sustainability of small farmers and fisher folks through the adaptation of CSA practices and the provision of Grant financing. It will also seek to raise the awareness of 1,000 school children (4H Club members) on the effects of Climate Change and the importance of Climate Smart Agriculture.

Provision of knowledge on CC issues and training on CSA practices to farmers, MOAL, CREFF and MCPMA extension Staff and vulnerable people in poor rural communities including 4H Clubs.

1000 school children (7-17 years) will be targeted through 4H Clubs (Primary & Secondary Schools); with a focus on nutrition & food security, including healthy nutritional habits.

Funding will be available for implementation of farm demonstration models on CSA & CSSF practices at the schools as well as the community or/& farmers/fisher-folks organization or individual farms

Provision of extension services on CSA practices and on improving marketing links to farmers:

12 Field Officers (8 MOAL, 2 Fisheries & 2 MCPMA) attached to the SAEP Programme to provide extension services and other support to farmers at the district/community level.


SAEP’s Marketing Officer will assist farmers with creating market linkages and provide other technical support/training to farmers.

Provision of matching grant financing scheme for individual farmers and/or groups to promote adoption of CSA/CSSF practices and technologies:

The purpose of the CSA Grant is to provide financing to support the main types of CSA practices and investments to be supported by SAEP.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Those contributing to increase water availability, either through increasing access or improving efficiency of water management.
  • Those that reduce soil run-off in case of heavy rain.
    Backyard gardens.

  • Climate smart sustainable fishing.

    120 Climate Smart Agriculture investment projects financed and implemented.
    60 Backyard Gardens established.

  • Initiatives that will be funded:

    • Backyard Gardens: consisting of average size up to ¼ acre or between 1/8 -1/4 acres; with a focus on nutrient rich vegetables cultivation. Kitchen Gardens will not be considered. Maximum funding of US $1,000 ($2,688.20 XCD) per household. Beneficiary’s contribution should be 5% equity, in kind.

    • Small Farmer and Farmers Organizations: Maximum funding of USD $ 8,000 ($21, 505.60 XCD) per individual. In case of the group, the amount received would be based on the number of persons participating, but would not exceed USD30, 000.00 (XCD$80,700). Beneficiary’s contribution should be 10% equity, of which 5% in cash.

    • Small Scale Commercial Farmers and Fishermen/Fisher folks: Maximum funding of USD $ 8,000 ($21,505.60 XCD). Beneficiary’s contribution should be 20% equity, of which 10% in cash.

    Rehabilitation of rural roads & drainage systems to improve and/or maintain access to markets in extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall

    Target: 30 rural roads will be upgraded or established during the lifespan of SAEP.

    Rehabilitation of off-farm community operated and managed irrigation systems

    Consist of system designs, construction, training of trainers and capacity building for small groups of farmers to manage, operate and maintain the systems.