MOAL/SAEP COVID 19 Response 2020

SAEP will lend additional material support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands’ (MOAL) COVID-19 Mitigation and Response Plan, which calls for the establishment of 500 backyard gardening projects. This initiative is in line with SAEP’s mandate to promote the production of nutritious food, reduce poverty and build resilience to Climate Change. Other stakeholders involved in the MOAL response plan id the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council (GFNC). Main outcomes to be achieved through this COVID 19 Mitigation and Response plan are:


  •  The establishment of 500 backyard gardening projects
  • Recipient beneficiaries receiving material support consisting of planting materials, fertilizers (organic), basic hand tools and equipment.
  • Provision of CSA approaches to agriculture through technical support provided by EAs & FAs in collaboration with the extension staff of MOAL, MCREFF and MCPMA.
  • Training of EA’s, FA’s and extension staff facilitated by GFNC on the importance, benefits, and utilization of specific crops for transfer of knowledge to beneficiaries.
  • GFNC to develop and disseminate brochures/leaflets in collaboration with EA’s and FA’s on nutritious rich food and the importance of healthy eating.